Providing space, community and services

The Factory, Palmerston North’s best co-working community workspace was designed for those working in or supporting research and innovation.

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Don’t go it alone

Co-working spaces are becoming more and more popular around the world and that’s what we’ve created here. We’re a shared workspace that provides community connections, flexible work spaces and dynamic and interactive environments. We’re home to creative individuals who are involved in research, technology and innovation. All that inspiration in one place makes a dynamic and interactive atmosphere. You might work for yourself but you can still be a part of something bigger.

Desks, open spaces and private offices

Make The Factory your permanent work home, we’ve got desks in shared areas as well as private, walled offices. For casual members, we have desks that you can use when the mood strikes. If you’d like to we also have funky spaces and breakout rooms, lots of spots to meet and talk and places to get down to business.

Rooms for hire – and for free

Tired of meeting clients at a local café or stuffy workroom? We’ve got meetings rooms of all sizes and a comfortable lounge. Residents can use these places for free and non-residents are welcome to enjoy the lounge area during opening hours and can hire meeting rooms or the lounge for events. Our facilities are also free to use for groups who are fighting the good fight and building the innovation community.

The Factory – working for you

Reach out and touch

As a Factory worker, you can take advantage of our phone and video conferencing

Make use of our snail services

Need to send or receive something that doesn’t come by email? The Factory offers mail delivery and parcel handling. You can even have The Factory be your postal address.

Use our staffed reception

Having a meeting? Let The Factory’s manager welcome your guest and alert you to their arrival. It’s so professional!

Enjoy the camaraderie

Connect with others. Be inspired. Land new clients. Meet your astounding coworkers. If your paths don’t cross during the workday, maybe they will at the fabulous Monday morning tea, Friday drinks, or at one of The Factory’s events.

Talk in private

The Factory has a range of meeting rooms and a board room all available for you to use.

Be comfortable

Choose the work option that works best for you – a desk, a couch, a table, a four-walled office. It’s all here and the choice is yours.

Exploit our free parking

There’s one thing we don’t have – parking wardens. Not for you, not for your clients, not for your friends. Parking here is free. Think about that!

Revel in our high speed internet

The Factory has fabulous WiFi and the fastest fibre optic connection in town. And it’s free with your membership.

Use better equipment than you can afford on your own

We have a great printer and cupboards full of office supplies. We even have gear like HD projectors.

Fill your belly

We’ve got a BBQ and a full kitchen with a killer espresso machine. We also have a local food truck every Tuesday and can help feed your caffeine addiction with the best barista made coffee to go!



Receive periodic updated

Be invited to events and activities

Find out what’s coming up at The Factory and with its residents


Have a more professional image with a business mailing address

Enjoy Monday morning tea and Friday after work drinks

Receive periodic updates

Be invited to events and activities

Email notification that you have mail



Pay as you go and use a desk when you need it

Open access to the lounge during open hours

Receive periodic updates

Be invited to events and activities


$99 a week*
Pick a desk and call it your own

Leave your stuff

Use lounge, meeting rooms and board room for free

Join week-to-week, month-to-month or year-to-year.

Come and go as you please during extended business hours

Use The Factory’s postal address


Optional landline

Printing (a small fee applies)

Open access to the kitchen

*GST exclusive


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Have your own walled private office for one to 12 desks.

Lockable door

24-hour access to The Factory

Use meeting rooms and board room for free

Use The Factory’s postal address


Optional landline

Printing (a small fee applies)

Open access to the kitchen

The Factory is Within Reach

What are you waiting for? Join The Factory and get working.